GRA Full Form In Hotel

What is the Full Form of GRA in Hotel?

GRA Full Form in Hotel is Guest Room Attendant. The Guest Room Attendant’s primary responsibility will be to ensure that the hotel’s guest rooms are kept clean at all times. Cleaning guest rooms, hallways, linen rooms, and other hotel storage facilities as specified by management is the primary duty of the Guest Room Attendant.

What else should you know about GRA?

Use all vacuums, carts, Swiffers, etc., responsibly and safely; report any problems you encounter.

Keep detailed records of your work hours in accordance with company policy.

Please notify us of any potential safety risks or maintenance issues.

Comply with all safety protocols

Always use the correct greeting and a smile when meeting and greeting guests.

Maintaining the safety of guests is a top priority, so you should always report anything that seems strange, as well as any accidents or injuries.

Capable of accepting assignments and instructions from a superior

Maintain acceptable cleanliness levels

Earn the necessary credits based on output requirements

All in-program requests must be made via the HOTSOS software.

Proficient in using technological devices for receiving and fulfilling requests and communicating Housekeeping

Employees are required to be present at their desks at all times during the workday.

Other full forms of GRA

  • Guest Relation Associate