Privacy Policy

On this page, we have listed the information associated with the Privacy Policy of the website TravelsFinder. The scope of the policy extends to any device, browser or subsidiary of the TravelsFinder that you may use. Please note that using the website gives us an automatic acknowledgement and acceptance of the Privacy Policy.

User Information

The backend services of the website collect some of the user data. However, no personal data is collected until you register or comment on the website. This information includes your name, contact number, age, email ID, gender or any other related record. In addition, if you register or comment on the website, these details will be available to us. We strongly recommend avoiding commenting any personal information on the pages.

In addition, the backend services also collect the cookies by default. These cookies help us offer better services to you, and at the same time, they are used for displaying personalised advertisements on the page. ISP Details, IP Address and other such information, are also collected along with the cookies. We also collect geographical information and browser/device details for troubleshooting and analysis. You can choose restrictive browser settings if you don't wish to share the cookies. Restricting the cookies may depreciate your experience while browsing the website.

Other Information

We may collect some additional information about your digital footprint on the website. This information is collected only for the analytical purpose. Some of the services may also use demographic details for advertisement purposes. We don't sell the data to a third party.

Use of Information

As mentioned earlier, the information collected by TravelsFinder is used for analytical purposes. We may use this to offer a personalised experience, troubleshooting or feedback on the services. In addition, we also use this information to secure our infrastructure and ensure a safe browsing experience for you. We often track the usage pattern and block any suspicious traffic. Please note that we don't classify information as confidential until and unless it is the payment details.

Information Sharing

Sometimes, we need to share the information collected with a third party. An example of such cases is when we need to troubleshoot an issue or have a cyber vulnerability. In addition, we may need to share the information with law enforcement in case of an incident or a demand. Please note that we also share the collected data with the business partners, affiliates and AdSense services. We may also share the information with the analytical engines as needed.

Information Security

The security of the information is the top priority for TravelsFinder. All our servers are encrypted, and this ensures the protection of critical information. Only the admin user, after a 2FA, has access to the restricted information. We also follow the rules pertaining to the localisation of the data. We run automated backup jobs to prevent any data loss. Lastly, we use secure protocols for all the transmission and security.

Updates to Privacy Policy

It is important to note that we reserve the right to update the privacy policy without prior notification. We don't send email notifications about the updates either. It is the responsibility of the user to track the changes to the privacy policy. In case of any questions about the privacy policy of TravelsFinder, please contact us.

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