CIP Full Form In Hotel

What is the Full Form of CIP in Hotel?

CIP Full Form in Hotel is Commercially Important Person.  CIP is widely associated with service businesses like hotels, airlines and the distribution of special perks by governments to prominent citizens or tourists to the country, and it is the latest term used to designate such individuals.

The CIP is essentially an upgraded form of a very important person (VIP). A VIP may be eligible for preferential treatment because of his or her high social standing, community standing, or personal connections to influential people in the organization. Due to a combination of conditions, the VIP is able to take advantage of special treatment that is otherwise unavailable to regular employees.

What else should you know about CIP?

CIPs receive unique treatment and benefits as well, however this may have absolutely nothing whatsoever with their fame or popularity. Most of the time, an individual is designated as a CIP because of the value they bring to the company / government, and the perks they receive are meant to preserve and grow that value. The aviation business is one sector where this type of behavior is common.

The CIP receives special treatment in each situation where it is offered.