CAPTAIN Full Form In Hotel

What is the Full Form of CAPTAIN in Hotel?

The hotel’s captain job is to make sure the customers are happy, keep things clean, and serve only top-notch ingredients.

Makes friends with customers to increase repeat business and get useful input for improving the service. They need to manage day-to-day interactions with team members and promote problem-solving by empowering and training their team.

What else should you know about CAPTAIN?

It is the responsibility of a Captain that:

  • Guests should be greeted and welcomed promptly and warmly at all times.
  • Always show gratitude to the guests and bid them farewell with genuine excitement for their return.
  • Help diners reserve a spot at the table.
  • Help the visitor find a seat.
  • Make sure customers are helped in the allotted amount of time
  • Quite familiar with menu planning and presentation techniques
  • Answer the phone with proper manners and communicate clearly and politely with guests and employees.
  • Always uses proper service methods and serves food and drink with a positive attitude.
  • Refresh guests with drinks and appetizers.
  • Arrange seating according to event type and expected level of service.
  • Keep track of orders and transactions in a POS system right away.
  • Discuss menu items, wait times, and product availability with the kitchen.
  • Capable of helping with menu decisions and fielding any inquiries diners may have.
  • Possesses the ability to quickly and gracefully respond to any unforeseen requests from guests