KST Full Form In Hotel

What is the Full Form of KST in Hotel?

KST Full Form in Hotel is Kitchen Steward. He is someone who assists culinary teams in institutional or commercial kitchens. They make sure everything in the kitchen, from workbenches to appliances to tools to floors, is spotless at all times.

They are an entry-level worker at a restaurant or factory that serves the public. They perform duties comparable to those of a kitchen hand, but their primary focus is on keeping the kitchen neat and tidy.

When time is of the essence in a busy kitchen, cooks may ask for the assistance of a kitchen steward. They might be asked to do things like peeling and chopping food. It’s helpful to keep in mind that aiding cooks in the kitchen is an unusual role.

What else should you know about KST?

A kitchen steward’s primary responsibility is to open the kitchen and check that the chef staff has everything they need before operations begin. They might check for cleanliness, check on supplies, and put stationary culinary appliances through their paces.

He may make rounds to each cooking area to check that everyone has access to the necessary utensils and equipment. When their shifts begin, they make sure the kitchen is ready to start making food.

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