Best Time To Visit Yamuna Ghat Delhi

Photographers and bird watchers will like the Yamuna Ghat area close to Nigambodh Ghat, especially from November to February, when migratory seagulls flock to the area.

Yamuna Ghat Delhi in Winter Season (December to March)

The greatest time to go to Yamuna Ghat Delhi is between December and March, when the weather is mild and many festivals and celebrations take place. However, due to smog, a thick coating of smoke and fog, it can be difficult to travel here for a period of time, sometimes stretching to more than a month.

Yamuna Ghat Delhi

Beginning about the middle of November, crop fires in neighboring states have been identified as a major contributor. Traveling to Delhi at this time is highly discouraged due to the hazardous smog that could make breathing difficult.

During the months of February and March, when the air is less polluted, it is possible to photograph the city's many cultural landmarks.

The average low during the winter is 3 degrees, with highs averaging 8 degrees and lows of 24 degrees.

Yamuna Ghat Delhi in Monsoon Season (July to September)

Between July and September, Delhi receives a meager amount of precipitation. The rainstorms are usually intense and last for several hours, making outside travel nearly impossible. On the other hand, it only rains that much for around ten to fifteen days out of the entire season. Rains, on the other hand, lower the temperature, making for a pleasant day of travel if the weather permits.

During the monsoon, the weather in Yamuna Ghat Delhi is mild and pleasant. Cooler temperatures and cleaner air are brought on by the rain. In the evening, the crystal raindrops falling onto the purple skies above are very beautiful.

Yamuna Ghat Delhi in Summer Season (April to June)

Temperatures in the summer range from 25- 45 degrees Fahrenheit, and the air is dry and scorching. Many people still come to Delhi at this time of year despite the fact that it is not the best time to visit. When touring during the day, make sure to bring a lot of water to drink and a good pair of sunglasses to shield your eyes. In the summer, you can partake in a number of enjoyable pursuits.

Temperatures in Yamuna Ghat Delhi in the summer can get quite high. Due to the high levels of humidity in the air, venturing out on foot is not a pleasant experience. The nights bring some welcome rest and relaxation.

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