Best Time To Visit Tiruchendur Temple

The Murugan Temple of Tiruchendur is the second of Lord Muruga's "aaru padai veedu" temples. Only this murugan temple can boast a beachfront setting. Lord Muruga worshiped Lord Shiva following his triumph over the asura Surapadma at Tiruchendur.

An orphanage, free and low-cost schooling, and marriage ceremonies for the underprivileged are all social services provided by the massive temple. Non-Hindus are welcome to make a donation of 20 rupees if they wish to enter as well.

The best time to visit Tiruchendur is during the winter months of November through January. The temperature at that time is comfortable 21 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Tiruchendur Temple

At this time, in Tiruchendur , the legendary Soorasamharam will be performed. To receive Lord Murugan's blessings and to witness Tiruchendur in its entire splendor, this festival is not to be missed.

It is the most tranquil and best place to visit. If you consider yourself a true devotee of Lord Muruga, a trip here is a must. It's near the water and rich in history.

Tiruchendur in Summer Season

The months of March through May make up this season. Humidity is considerable, especially along the seaside, where temperatures average between 35 and 40 degrees Celsius. Due to the uncomfortable weather, visiting Tiruchendur temple at this particular time is not recommended.

However, March and April are peak tourist months due to the Chithirai festival at the Madurai temple. The Mahamahan Festival (observed every 12 years) takes place in March, and their Tamil New Year celebration, Puthandu, occurs in the middle of April.

Tiruchendur in Winter Season

From the month of October through the month of February, Tamil Nadu experiences winter. Rainfall is spotty in November and December as the monsoon winds down, but average highs are still in the 10s and 15s. Due to the low humidity, this is the ideal weather for seeing the cities and going on day trips.

This time of year is when most tourist hotspots reach their peak activity and also visit Tiruchendur temple. The beaches beckon sunbathers, swimmers, and enthusiasts of water sports because the daytime temperature is comfortably warm.

Tiruchendur in Monsoon Season

The monsoon season in this southeastern state occurs twice yearly, once from June through September and again during the monsoon's withdrawal in November * December. Temperatures are somewhat lower than summertime norms.

Humidity is high, especially near the shore, and the rains tend to come in extended bursts. It's not a good idea to go outside while it's raining heavily, as it does in some of the hillier locations.

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