Best Time To Visit Somnath Temple

Because it is the first of twelve Jyotirlinga (Representations of Lord Shiva), Somnath is amongst the holiest & highly visited pilgrimage center for Hindu devotees all throughout India. This temple is located close to Veraval in Gujarat.

The climate in Somnath is pleasant throughout the winter but intolerable during the summer. Therefore, the months of November through February are ideal for a trip to Somnath.

Somnath Temple

Somanth Temple in Summer Season (March to June)

From around the middle of March through the beginning of June Somnath temple experiences its summer season. It has less-than-ideal summers and monsoons, and it's mostly deserted besides the millions of devotees who visit every year. During the summer months, highs often hover between 24 and 42 degrees Celsius.

Due to the high temperatures and humidity, sightseeing as well as outdoor activities might make you uncomfortable. Off-season travel, however, is a amazing option for those on a lesser budget.

If you've ever experienced the heat of a Gujarati summer, you'll recognize these numbers. Extreme discomfort during these times of year discourages visitors from venturing out of their hotels for sightseeing.

Somanth Temple in Monsoon Season (July to September)

Heavy rains and sudden gusts of wind are possible during the monsoon in Somnath. However, it also delivers a little cooling, with temperatures dropping to just 22 degrees Celsius. Therefore, a short trip to Somnath during the monsoon months is also highly recommended.

Strong winds, which occasionally become cyclones, are a constant threat to the community. Travelers to Somnath during the season should also expect extreme humidity, making their stay a miserable one.

Extreme heat is the norm, with highs of 85 degrees and lows of 78 degrees (29 and 25 degrees Celsius), respectively, and a light breeze. There's a remote possibility that it could rain, too. Most individuals, then, would opt for something really lightweight, like a sleeveless shirt, to wear.

Somanth Temple in Winter Season (November to February)

At this time of year, tourists flock to Somnath because it's cooler and drier than at other times of year. Extreme comfort is provided by the temperature range of 10–32 degrees Celsius.

Somnath  temple is at its best in the winter. At this time of year, visitors to Somnath come not just from Gujarat, but from all around India. From November to February, we experience winter. On rare occasions during the winter, the mercury can dip well below freezing. The weather is nice, so you may take advantage of the days to explore the area and its nearby sights.

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