Best Time To Visit Purnagiri Temple

Annapurna Peak, in the Pithoragarh region of Uttarakhand state in India, is where you'll find the Purnagiri Temple. That's because this is one among the 108 siddha peeths. They say that this is the end of Mahakali. Master Prajapati is reported to have severed the Vishnu chakra from the Virgo and Shiva's Ardhangini Sati's navel. The devoted worshipers who come to this power bench year also come to endure hardship.

You can pay a visit to Purnagiri Mandir whenever you wish, as it is open all year round. However, Purnagiri's winters are severe due to the region's extremely low average temperatures.

That's why it's imperative that you pack warm clothes. The Purnagiri Mela, which takes place throughout the months of April and May, is the finest time to visit the Temple. The area was bustling with pilgrims seeking darshan at the above-mentioned time of year.

Purnagiri Temple

Purnagiri has a mild climate that features three distinct yet equally enjoyable seasons: summer, winter & monsoon. The climate is subtropical, therefore the summers are hot & humid while the winters are cool and mild.

Purnagiri Temple in Summer Season

The summer season lasts from April through June, and temperatures average between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius. The warmest month is May, with an average high temperature of around 33 degrees Celsius. Low precipitation, moderate temperatures, and cloudless skies provide for a pleasant holiday.

Purnagiri Temple in Monsoon Season

The monsoons hit the region at the beginning of July and don't let up until the end of September. This is the rainiest season of year in the region, with the heaviest precipitation falling in July. Avoid going anywhere during the monsoons, as the rain will make sightseeing impossible.

This temple has the monsoon season, with its accompanying torrential downpours, during the times of July, August, & September. It's not a good time to visit it because of the rain, as it will prevent you from seeing all the sights.

Purnagiri Temple in Winter Season

By late October, Purnagiri has entered its long, cold winter that doesn't finish until late February. The weather could be anywhere from 4 to 15 degrees Celsius, so make sure to bring warm winter clothes. In January, the coldest month, you could see snowfall of up to 64 millimeters.

One must plan their visit to Purnagiri temple beforehand, and at least give it a full day to explore the beautiful and ancient religious temple.

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