Best Time To Visit Nathdwara

This picturesque town of Nathdwara is most enjoyable in the winter. The months of September through February are prime-time. Nathdwara's local attractions are at their best during this time of year because the weather is tranquil and pleasant.

Traveling around the town and sampling the local delicacies is a breeze. Summer is not an ideal time to visit Nathdwara because of the scorching heat. Unless this is truly your final chance at a vacation, you should not plan any sightseeing in Nathdwara during the summer.


Nathdwara in Winter Season (November-February)

From September to February, Nathdwara experiences winter. Nathdwara is most enjoyable to visit between September and November, when temperatures average between 6 and 26 degrees Celsius.

 It's also a great opportunity to go on a spending spree and buy up the most colorful handcrafted products, as well as see the many temples and forts that can be found in Nathdwara.

In the morning one can expect around 24 degree C, and might have 4mm of rain during the month from January to March

Annakuta, a festival that honors the goddess Anna, also takes place during Diwali, and the temples are always bustling with people. At this time of year, this location presents as very gorgeous and active.

Nathdwara in Monsoon Season (July-September)

In Nathdwara, the monsoon season starts in July and lasts till the end of September. Here you may not get a lot of rain, but even the occasional shower can help cool things down during the hot summer months. The rain gives everything a calming, picturesque quality.

 A journey to this place can also be planned in this way. While the fortifications appear to have been revitalized, the temples appear even more holy and serene. Nathdwara is a wonderful place to spend some quiet time at the moment.

Nathdwara in Summer Season (March-June)

The months of April, May, and June are peak summer months in Nathdwara. This time of year has exceptionally hot and dry weather. At 42 degrees Celsius, it's impossible to appreciate the natural splendor of the area. If you wish to see its many beautiful temples and ancient forts, you shouldn't go there in the summer.

It's a particularly hot afternoon, with the sun directly overhead and heat waves penetrating every corner. Traveling to Nathdwara at this time of year is not suggested because going out for tourism or buying things could be a hassle.

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