Best Time To Visit Modhera Sun Temple

Numerous temples from antiquity and the early middle periods are prime examples of India's extensive and varied architectural history. The Sun Temple located in Modhera is a prime example of such a work of art.

The heat in Gujarat during the summer is intense. Therefore, the fall and winter seasons are optimal for a visit. The months of October through March are, on the whole, ideal for visiting Modhera. With temperatures averaging around 25 degrees Celsius, this is the perfect season to go sight-seeing.

Modhera Sun Temple

Modhera Sun temple in Summer Season

Temperature in Gujarat can reach 45 degrees Celsius during the summer (April-June) and be quite oppressive.  From April to June, Gujarat has its harsh summer. Unforgiving temperatures range from 29 degrees Celsius to 41 degrees Celsius. Seeing the sights may be difficult because of the high heat index outside.

Modhera Sun temple in Monsoon Season

From July through September, the region receives monsoon weather, making it difficult for tourists to visit the temple because of the risk of flooding.

In Gujarat, the monsoon season begins in July and continues into September. The temperature drops significantly from the sweltering summer highs, averaging between 27 and 35 degrees Celsius. The monsoon in Gujarat is an exciting time of year. Take in the fresh scent of the rain-soaked earth. Relax in front of the window & watch the water pours down onto the dry land or into the already churning sea. Get out into the deep forests of Gujarat and experience rain at a wildlife sanctuary.

Modhera Sun temple in Winter Season

Wintertime, specifically between October and March, is the ideal time to visit Modhera Sun Temple so that tourists can enjoy the temple and the Modhera Dance Festival in comfortable temperatures.

Every day, beginning at 6 AM and ending at 6 PM, the temple is open to the public. From November through February, temperatures in Gujarat average between 12 and 29 degrees Celsius, making it a mild winter destination.

In Gujarat, you may enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the climate in the winter. You may still enjoy the rest of Gujarat even if the coast & beaches are chilly in the winter.

Winters in Gujarat are wonderful if you don't mind a chill in the air. The weather in Gujarat is pleasant for sightseeing and exploring throughout the winter months. There's no need to worry about becoming too hot or cold because the temperature will never drop below 12 degrees or rise above 29 degrees Celsius.

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