Best Time to Visit Manali

If you truly want to appreciate the beauty of Manali and enjoy quality time up there in the mountains then October to June is the perfect time to visit this breathtaking place. That means, to visit Manali, you’ll have to wait till October month, and from there on, up until early Summer, it is the best time to enjoy the true beauty of Manali. However, if you want to experience the snowfall in Manali, then you’d have to wait until mid to late December. And according to the locals and weather experts, the snowfall goes on up until mid-February. However, Manali isn’t just a place that is popular because of the beautiful scenery. It is also a culturally and spiritually significant location in the country.

Manali In Summer Season


The temperature of the whole region in the Summers stays around 10 to 25 degree Celsius. And if you are someone who doesn’t like the freezing cold, then visiting Manali in the Summer months would be a great idea. At this time of the year, you’ll get to experience the true greenery of Manali where every valley is filled with blooming flowers and vibrant colors. However, believe it or not, in the summer months, a lot of people visit this part of the country. So yeah, expect to see some tourist crowd out there.

Manali In Monsoon

Monsoon isn’t the most ideal month to visit Manali and experience the true beauty of the region. And that’s because, at this time of the year, you’ll get to experience cooler temperatures, with rain and a lot of landslides. Since very few people visit Manali in the Monsoon season, you may not see a lot of people out there. And that can be a plus point if you don’t love crowd-flocking.

Manali In Winter Season

Winter is undeniably the best season to visit and enjoy quality time in Manali. It is that time of the year when the whole region is covered in thick snow, and it just looks stunning. From Mid-December to the whole month of January, Manali becomes the literal paradise on earth. At this time of the year, you must visit places like Chandratal Baralacha Lake, Great Himalayan National Park, and many more, to actually appreciate the beauty and significance of Manali.

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