Best Time To Visit Koraput

Concerned about the number of visitors or the time Koraput closes? If you want to get the most out of your trip to Koraput, Odisha, you should go when you won't have to bother about logistics like these.

It currently enjoys ideal conditions, both weather-wise and in terms of available activities. If you want to make the most of your time in Koraput, without worrying about the little things, come when it's the optimum time to do it.

The weather here is mild. Summers are wet with heavy downpours, while winters are dry once again. It receives about 199 inches of rain per year and has an annual average temperature of 60 degrees. The average annual humidity is 69%, and the UV-index is only 7.


Koraput from January to May month

This is the greatest season to visit Koraput, with warm and comfortable daytime temperatures and just the proper amount of moisture in the air. The days remain sunny, & at a cool 77 degrees Fahrenheit, you may comfortably explore Koraput in your running shoes. The average rainfall for that time frame is 19.79 mm.

Koraput in June month

Even if the hottest temperature in Koraput this month is a sweltering 99 degrees Fahrenheit, the relatively low humidity of 77 percent makes it a pleasant time to visit the city. The average rainfall for this time period is 93.48 mm.

Koraput in July to October month

The average temperature for this time of year in the Koraput is 74 degrees Fahrenheit, with lows around 63 degrees and highs around 93 degrees. Humidity is high, but the temperature is not high enough to make being outside unpleasant. It's great to be here right now! Around this period, we see an average of 268.4 mm of precipitation.

Koraput in November month

When temperatures average around 71 degrees Fahrenheit, autumn is a wonderful time to explore Koraput. The air is only somewhat humid, making it ideal for outdoor activities. This is a peak season for tourism here, and arguably one of the greatest seasons to go. Precipitation data during this time of year averages out to 7.32 mm.

Koraput in December month

If you're wondering when to visit Koraput, look no further than the month of December. Temperatures range from a low of around 50 degrees to a high of about 84 degrees, making for pleasant, steamy weather. In spite of the high humidity (December has an average of 73%), the best time to visit Koraput is now. Precipitation is likely to amount to 9.01 mm on average.

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