Best Time To Visit Khirai Flower Garden

Khirai is indeed a small village in West Bengal's East Midnapore district. Khirai Flower Garden is the name given to the nearby flower fields. You may find this enchanted location not far from Kolkata. It's just the right size for a day excursion.

Despite the lack of mountains, this area is commonly referred to as West Bengal's Valley of Flowers.

Khirai flower garden is at their most beautiful during the months of December and February. Khirai is a great destination for a day excursion in the winter.

Khirai Flower Garden

Go there first thing in the morning, if you can. The sun's beams in the morning give this site a mystical quality. You can also go there when night falls. The sky is orange as the sun sets, and flowers dot the landscape. Just wonderful!

Khirai Flower Garden in Winter Season (December to February)

Khirai reaches her peak beauty during the winter months. The farmlands are like a picnic spot for the inhabitants who live in this area. This location has exploded in popularity in recent years, drawing in sightseers from as far away as Kolkata. In the midday winter sun, the farmlands that line the banks of the Kangsabati river shimmer like a string of pearls.

Khirai Flower Garden in Summer Season (March to June)

From the first weekend of March through the end of June, we have summer. While the delta region's summers are notoriously muggy, the western highlands have a dry summer similar to that of northern India, with highs between 38 and 45 degrees Celsius (100 and 113 degrees Fahrenheit). It's a comfortable 30 degrees Celsius most of the time.

Khirai Flower Garden in Rainy Season (July to September)

The wet season lasts from the middle of July through the September end. The majority, or roughly 125 centimeters, of the average annual rainfall of 175 centimeters falls during this time. . In the late afternoon, the winds shift direction and blow westward, bringing an average of 125 cm of precipitation over the northern lowlands and western plateau. There are also storms that occur along the coast at the onset of the monsoons.

Khirai Flower Garden in Autumn Season (October to November)

The brief autumn season in West Bengal lasts from the start of October until around midway through November. In the autumn, the sky is always clear, and the temperature slowly begins to drop.

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