Best Time To Visit Kedarkantha

The greatest time to hike Kedarkantha is during the winter months from December to March because this is when the most snow falls. At this time of year, the temperature in Kedarkantha rarely rises above freezing.

Kedarkantha experiences extreme cold and wetness due to the region's regular and severe snowfall. Even if this makes hiking a bit more challenging, the adventure and excitement are amplified. It is swarmed with intermediate and advanced hikers this time of year thanks to its snow-covered mountain slopes and breathtaking scenery.


Kedarkantha winter trek, with its treacherous path, is the ideal activity for thrill-seekers.

Kedarkantha in Spring Season

In the spring, hikers can enjoy the region's picture-perfect scenery, which includes blue skies, verdant pine forests, and scented wildflowers. This is the greatest time of year, and it lasts long into summer, to visit Kedarkantha. At lower elevations, you may see the blossoms against a backdrop of verdant fields, and at higher elevations, you can see the melting snow.

Kedarkantha in Autumn Season

With the arrival of spring and summer comes a rebirth of the barren tree branches. The extensive path through the woods and open areas is still covered with snow from the winter. Autumn's green forests become red in color as dry leaves fall to the ground.

Kedarkantha in Winter Season

Although the summer, spring, and fall seasons are lovely in their own right, the winter season wins hands down and attracts the largest number of hikers. Regardless, the allure lies in the breathtaking panorama of snow-capped peaks.

As if that weren't enough, you'll also have the most exquisite walking experience and snow-covered pine trees to keep you company. Looking up at the stars on a cold winter night is almost as moving as viewing the Titanic for the first time.

The cold weather arrives in Kedarkantha in November. As December progresses, the weather becomes bitterly cold. Kedarkantha has a severe winter since the temperature often drops below zero at night.

After sundown in December, Kedarkantha can dip to temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius. It is not unusual to wake up to a fresh layer of sleet & slush at the bottom of your boots after a night of snowfall or frost.

Daytime highs average 8-10 degrees Celsius, but nights are consistently below freezing. On rare occasions, winds may also pick up. You need to be prepared for the snow by bringing along warm winter clothing and sturdy hiking boots.

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