Best Time To Visit Kamchatka

Travel to Kamchatka is best during the Northern Hemisphere summer, which runs from late May through early September. Each month has its own advantages and chances for sightseeing & wildlife observation. While you're here, check out the walruses, sea lions, whales, and incredible variety of birds, but keep your distance from the bears.

Find out how the summer months in Kamchatka differ and how you may plan the trip of a lifetime by seeing the areas of this strange peninsula that most interest you.


Kamchatka During Summer Season

Traveling to this place during summers can be appropriate for amazing outdoor activities. You can try hands on photography, hiking and also go for wildlife watching. You can make a booking in advance for summer months either in the first week of July or for mid September.

Kamchatka During Winter Season

It would be impossible to witness bears in action throughout the fall and spring seasons since they would be hibernating. However, winter is the best time to see the natural splendor of Kamchatka by going on a heli-skiing, skiing, or other wintry adventure tour.

Choose the months of January through April for your Kamchatka winter adventure if you're not afraid of sub-zero weather. You may expect frigid weather in Kamchatka during these months, with temperatures dropping as minimal as 3 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels around 82%. A comfortable 34 degrees Fahrenheit is the norm.

Kamchatka During Monsoon Season

In the fall, when most tourists are in Kamchatka, the average temperature is a comfortable 54 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity is perfect for a day of outdoor pleasure. This is amongst most popular times of year to visit Kamchatka, but it is also one of the most beautiful.

Humidity is around 86%, while temperatures vary between 23 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to this temperature, you may feel a colder air. You can go for a hot coffee early in the morning and can also have before going to bed, this will help you in having a day full of energy.

The average temperature in the month of December is 31 degree F. Precipitation is possible due to the 87% humidity, so bring an umbrella or a light jacket. The weather gets more erratic, making this a less ideal season to visit Kamchatka.

Note: It's best to avoid traveling at the end of October through December and in the middle of May through June.

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