Best Time To Visit Hampta Pass

The timing of your Hampta Pass hike is vital to your safety and enjoyment of the journey. The challenge of the journey can be substantially affected by the weather, thus precautions should always be taken. Hampta pass is open for the mountain trekkers only from May till October, so the months of June- July are ideal for a visit.

After September, it's usually not a good idea to go hiking because of how chilly it gets. Heavier snowfall is likely after October. The trail is impassable due to the snow. Planning your vacation for June or July, when temperatures are mild and the weather is pleasant, will greatly increase the likelihood that your journey will go off without a hitch.

Hampta Pass

Hampta Pass in Pre-Monsoon Season (June)

The month of June is popular for Hampta Pass treks. There are a lot of reasons why now is the best time. The weather becomes comfortable, with highs averaging between 12 and 15 degrees Celsius. Some areas still have snow, and most rivers are still frozen.

The journey will involve crossing several mountain glaciers. There are, however, areas where the ice has thawed enough to create room for camping.

Some of the brooks and streams in the mountains also melt, offering an additional potential water supply. Most mountain routes and roads have been cleared of snow and open for walking by the end of June, so getting to and from work shouldn't be an issue.

End of June is a good time to visit because that's when the valleys start to get their first flush of green and the first colorful flowers poke their heads up through the snow.

Hampta Pass in Monsoon Season (July to September)

Travelers should avoid the Hampta Pass during the monsoon months of July through September due to the increased risk of landslides & flash floods. When it rains heavily, the trail can become very slick, adding to the difficulty of traveling along it.

However, if you're determined to hike at this period, be prepared with items like rain gear and shoes with good traction. To further ensure your safety, it is recommended that you hire a local guide who is familiar with the area.

Hampta Pass in Winter Season (October)

In Hampta Pass, the first signs of winter can be felt as early as October. There is no evidence of precipitation, and hikers can count on clear skies throughout the first part of the journey.

Daytime highs typically reach the mid-60s, but nighttime lows routinely drop into the mid-30s. However, the latter half of month presents unique challenges, as snowfall narrows the trails and roads start to close for the winter. The temperature drops below freezing.

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