Best Time To Visit Digha

Digha is situated on Bay of Bengal. You can easily reach there from Kolkata within 5 hours. Its tranquil beaches, alluring scenery, and rich aquatic life have made it highly popular as a tourist destination.

Between the months of November and February, Digha experiences its best weather. It's also the busiest time of year for visitors to Digha, so it's best to secure lodging arrangements in advance to avoid disappointment.


Digha in Winter Season (October to February)

During this season, humidity levels are at their lowest, making it the perfect time to explore Digha. Tourists may enjoy the City's attractions and the Beach's water activities without shivering. The peak tourist season occurs at this time.

The weather begins to change as it prepares for winter, becoming crisp and clear with the appearance of newly blooming flowers. Additionally, the temperature in Digha ranges between 3 & 28 degrees, making this the perfect time to visit. You can go shopping, relax on the beach, or engage in a variety of watersports.

Moreover, New Year & Christmas are famous time for dazzling beach parties. Thus, during your winter holidays, you should plan a vacation with your friends and loved ones here.

Digha in Summer Season (March to June)

The summers in Digha are hot and muggy, with highs of 38 degrees Fahrenheit commencing in March. Extreme heat makes going to the beach an unpleasant experience, resulting in profuse perspiration and discomfort. Fewer tourists mean lower prices, making this season ideal for thrifty vacationers.

Summer is not the greatest time to visit Digha because the temperature is high and the humidity is an overall spoil sport. And it's likely to cause you to become dehydrated and sunburned.

Digha in Monsoon Season (July to September)

Beginning in July and continuing through September is the monsoon season. It cools things down, which is welcome after being subjected to the sweltering sunshine. However, due to the risk of strong tides, you should even avoid visiting beaches.

Most of the season is ruined by rain, with August recording the highest totals. Vacations to Digha should be avoided during this time. During you trip to this place, even in monsoon season, you can try exploring the nearby areas, and enjoy street shopping, to spend some good time, enjoying the place. People avoid going to Digha during the monsoon because of the inaccessibility of its water activities and beaches.

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