Best Time To Visit Chikhaldara

Chikhaldara is a charming hill station that attracts visitors throughout the year, however summer is its busiest season. Cool breezes and temperatures make this a great spot to escape the summer heat. The area is surrounded by the stunning splendor of verdant trees and rolling hills of varying colors.

You may give your body a much-needed break by engaging in activities like swimming, walking, and hiking. The slightly mild weather is ideal for venturing out into the woods and getting lost. The climate in Chikhaldara is mild throughout the year, including during the winter & monsoon seasons, so a trip there at any season of year will be enjoyable.


Chikhaldara in Winter Season (December to January)

Chikhaldara's winters may be severe, but the town's beauty and enchantment truly shine through during the holiday season. Temperatures here drop below freezing during the winter, so bundle up if you plan on coming then.

As a result of the town's blanket of snow, numerous outdoor activities, such as trekking, become possible, and a wide range of flora and animals can be observed. If you're visiting this place in the winter, you should pack enough of woolens for the cool mornings and evenings.

Chikhaldara in Monsoon Season (July to September)

Chikhaldara experiences monsoon rains from the month of July through the month of September. Wonderful springtime weather is typical. During the monsoons, the hill undergoes a process of renewal that enhances the quiet atmosphere of the entire area. The mystical atmosphere is heightened by the presence of the clouds. Enjoy the stunning scenery while sitting back and relaxing in the pleasant wind during the monsoon season. Therefore, the monsoon is other great time to visit Chikhaldara.

Chikhaldara in Summer Season (March to June)

During the summer months, Chikhaldara is a popular getaway. You might get relief from the scorching sun thanks to the lovely weather that prevails at this time. Even if the days are mild, light jackets and shawls are recommended due to the cool evenings.

This picturesque hill station, with its verdant trees and varying hills, is a sight to behold.

You can go for long walks and see several impressive temples and forts in this area. The weather is nice, so you may go exploring and check out the beautiful forts and temples. Daytime temperatures are ideal, and those who venture into the woods can enjoy the day amid a rainbow of native plants and animals.

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