Top 10 Most Luxurious Hotels in India

India never ceases to wow its tourists with new and exciting sights and experiences. The region's beautiful environment, diverse cultures, and ancient ruins make it an absolute must for all visitors. From mansions to campgrounds to cutting-edge high-rises, India offers a diverse choice of unique hotel options. Because India has so many hotels, we've just chosen a handful of our favorites.

1. Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

Taj Lake Palace

Consider residing in a magnificent mansion in the center of a lake, surrounded by gorgeous views of hills & exquisite mansions. Isn't it magical? That is just one of numerous wonderful experiences available to guests at this Taj Lake Palace. This 18th century hotel in the picturesque city of Udaipur is unquestionably one of India's top hotels. With 65 sumptuous rooms & 18 grand suites, this white marble beauty is a breathtaking illustration of regal magnificence.

The stunning décor, elaborate glasswork, and superb artwork of the palace give a look into the regal past. As soon you're ready to enter our Lake Pichola hotel, you will be pampered like an emperor or queen. The spectacular shower of rose petals and the sightseeing drive in a classic automobile are just the beginning of this otherworldly encounter.

2. Taj Aravali Spa and Resort, Udaipur

Taj Aravali, an extravagant safe home in the royal region of Mewar, is unmistakably an aim, regardless of what others think. It lies near the beautiful Fateh Sagar Lake & surrounded by the peaceful Aravali Mountains. The resort's contemporary design is a work of Rajasthani art, and the furnishings are inspired by Mewar's equestrian history. The decor of the resort is flawless, from the beautiful marble floors to the grandiose chandeliers. Each of its 176 rooms, accommodation, & luxury tents is equipped with modern amenities to accommodate your every need.

The resident-only restaurants overlook gorgeous vistas and serve regal Mewar cuisine. Take a refreshing plunge in the pool under the stars or explore the spa to enjoy a relaxing experience. It's a perfect location for discovering the beauty of Udaipur for any occasion.

3. Rajmahal Palace, Jaipur

Rajmahal Palace, with its striking art deco facade in pale pink, was the former residence of Jaipur's queen, Gayatri Devi. The hotel has 13 suites, two flats, two dining rooms, a bar, plus an outdoor pool. The hotel has art and furnishings from the royal family's own collection, as well as handmade wallpaper with peacock, carnation, and Mughal miniature patterns. Guests can enjoy Champagne High Tea on the Upper Lawns, a private supper in the Maharani Suite, poolside dining at Baradari, or an insider's tour of Jaipur.

4. Oberoi Raj Villas, Jaipur

Oberoi Rajvilas is undeniably one of India's top hotels, located in the bustling city of Jaipur. It is located on 32 acres of wonderfully manicured grounds and offers a breathtaking outlook. The apartments, luxury tents, & villas were created with Rajasthani traditional architecture in mind.

Dining in the lavish restaurants that serve scrumptious Indian and other cuisines is a royal event. With special preparations for a pair spa and Poolside supper, it's a great place for rekindling passion. Watch the sunset with your special someone at the beautiful Naila Fort for an unforgettable experience.

5. Taj Faluknama Palace, Hyderabad

The Taj Falaknuma Palace, positioned 609 meters above sea level, is a jewel in the skies. It was formerly the home of the Nizam, he was regarded to be one of the most wealthy individuals in the world. This lovely Hyderabad palace hotel overlooks the sparkling City of Pearls and exudes romance and grandeur evocative of the Nizam's rule.

You may retrace every step of Nizams, royalty, enchanting Begums, and distinguished Heads of State on the Grand Staircase. The 32-acre 5-star luxury hotel takes you to a time when riches and excess were welcomed and savored in equal measure. The Nizam's Turkish wife, Her Highness Lady Esra, has meticulously repaired and reconditioned the 60 of the hotel's suites and rooms. Each gives stunning views of the imperial courtyard and the 400-year-old city of Hyderabad.

6. Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

The Taj Mahal Palace

The iconic Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai is often regarded as India's first deluxe hotel. This Taj group flagship hotel offers a remarkable combination of old-world charm with contemporary amenities. This architectural marvel also provides breathtaking views of both the Arabian Sea &  Gateway of India. It is one of the top hotels in India because of its painstakingly constructed spacious suites with extravagant creative furnishings.

It guarantees an outstanding dining experience with its 9 classic fine-dining establishments.

 You can order Indian, European, Middle Eastern, or Oriental food. Tea at sea area & private dining are hallmark experiences that will make your vacation even more memorable. The Jiva Spa and Taj Salon in hotel provide exceptional opulent services to clients.

 This opulent palace is a great location to unwind & has proudly welcomed many famous people. Be astounded by the unparalleled hospitality of the personnel of the magnificent Taj Mahal Palace.

7. Umaid Bhawan Palace, Udaipur

Umaid Bhawan Palace of Jodhpur is India's largest palace, stunning visitors with its majesty and splendor. This majestic mansion, built in the early twentieth century, features an intriguing combination of Indo-Saracenic architecture & Art Deco elements.

The palace's imperial legacy has been meticulously preserved, allowing visitors to immerse themselves into bygone era of monarchy and splendor. The hotel's rooms and suites are tastefully designed, with excellent furniture and intricate decorations.

 This Umaid Bhawan Palace provides an unrivaled degree of opulence, from its extensive grounds & courtyards to its magnificent pool and restorative spa.

This hotel is an unrivaled refuge of luxury and a tribute to India's rich past, with spectacular 360-degree panoramas of the city's skyline from the palace's terraces plus the opportunity to rest in its beautiful gardens.

8. Soho House, Mumbai

Discover the city of your dreams. At this SOHO House in Mumbai, opulence reigns supreme. With views of the beautiful metropolis with the Arabian Sea, the hotel embodies the genuine spirit of Mumbai. The sunset view from the apex pool of this multi-story structure is captivating. Guests love the hotel because of the ocean views from everywhere, even the gym.

The outstanding bedrooms, with their historic furnishings, radiate a feeling of the past. Each of the 2 playrooms features a magnificently decorated living space with an Indian motif. Cecconi's, a traditional Italian  eatery, is a must-visit for Mumbai foodies and a visitor favorite. Because of the excellent service and lovely design, this is considered one of the top hotels in India.

The hotel’s dedication to providing great service is renowned, with a expert of committed personnel anticipating each guest's need and delivering a unique and unforgettable stay. The verdant grounds and calm pool area give a tranquil refuge amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, whereas the spa provides sumptuous treatments to revitalize the senses.

 Its central position allows tourists to conveniently experience the city's cultural sites and colorful marketplaces.

9. St. Regis, Mumbai

St Regis is a magnificent 5-star Marriott hotel located in Mumbai's top business and entertainment district. It is located in Lower Parel, Mumbai's highest structure, and overlooks its Arabian Sea. The 395 guest rooms, which include ultra-luxurious suites, have been deliberately created to make you feel at ease. It allows you to select a room with a beautiful city view, skyline view, or sea view.

The comfort of the visitors is of the utmost importance here, and they provide on-call butler service as well as 24-hour room meal service. This flamboyant St. Regis, affectionately known as the "Best Address," is one of India's top hotels. Here, you may indulge in a variety of delightful gastronomic delights that will remain on your senses. With a stay at the St. Regis, you can experience the finest that Mumbai may have to offer.

10. Himalayan Resort, Ananda, Uttarakhand

This palatial house, a celebrity favorite, is nestled near Rishikesh in the gorgeous Sal woods. The Himalayan resort Ananda is known for its exceptional service, visually beautiful decor, and otherworldly setting.

The luxurious hotel is especially well-known for its award-winning ayurveda, yogic and international wellness programs, which are tailored to individual guests' health objectives. Furthermore, the property's skilled crew creates bespoke experiences like as nature excursions, river rafting, & guided visits of ancient temples and monasteries.


A seven-star hotel might have any number of amenities. There will be an abundance of pool and spa amenities, as well as an unprecedented array of procedures and services. Michelin-starred chefs will prepare the meals at the eateries. Each room & suite may have an own design. Room service & a fitness center are also included as regular amenities. However, what distinguishes six star inns and, surprise, seven star rated lodgings is their exceptional services. Personal butlers, limos, on-site galleries, & hair stylists distinguish these hotels from the competition.

A five-star establishment delivers perfect guest services in a cutting-edge environment. A perfect five-star hotel provides guests with special dining selections and personalized services. These hotels frequently supply high-end, luxury amenities to guests, with scant attention to detail.

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