TDH Full Form In Hotel

What is the Full Form of TDH in Hotel?

TDH Full Form in Hotel is Table d’hôte. Originally from the French, this phrase meaning “the host’s table” in English. The word refers to a designated seating area in a restaurant or other establishment where guests of the proprietor eat alongside the proprietor.

The term eventually came to denote any meal with a predetermined menu and a predetermined price. The earliest known use of the term in English dates back to 1617, but the more modern, expansive sense of the term dates back to the early the 19th century.

What else should you know about TDH?

Before the advent of the restaurant, it was customary practice in Paris to serve a predetermined meal to a large group seated at a single table. Some restaurants that include tables d’hôte will also let you order from the menu if you like.

Even in the 19th century, the word persisted, though usually in reference to individualized table service. In the past, several posh tables d’hôte were actually seedy hangouts frequented by gamblers and other individuals seeking easy prey.

The thali (literally, “plate”) is widely used in Indian dining establishments. The main meal, which may include rice/ roti & a variety of veggies and condiments, is served alongside other foods on a heaping platter. Dessert could come after this.