STAR Full Form In Hotel

What is the Full Form of STAR in Hotel?

Star is a common practice to rank hotels on a scale of quality. As time has progressed, the goals of hotel grading have shifted from advising travelers on fundamental facilities that may be expected to focusing on the experience in its entirety. These days, its common practice to use the terms “rating,” “grading,” and “classification” interchangeably when referring to the practice of putting hotels into distinct groups

What else should you know about STAR?

1 star – A hotel with a single star typically provides bare-bones service. There is no guarantee that a hotel with a one star is filthy, poorly maintained, or in a terrible area. Having a bed to sleep in is the only tangible benefit.

2 Stars – Two-star hotels are comparable to one-star hotels in that they are normally less expensive than hotels with a higher rating, but they also tend to be extremely comfortable for their guests.

3 stars – In general, three-star hotels offer superior service and special features.

4 stars – The standard of service and amenities of a four-star hotel is typically very high.

5 stars – A five-star hotel has cutting-edge amenities and offers impeccable service to its guests. As a five-star establishment, it provides such amenities as fine meals and individualized treatment to its guests. These hotels usually supply their visitors with high-end, premium toiletries, leaving no stone unturned.

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