OOO Full Form in Hotel

What is the Full Form of OOO in Hotel?

OOO Full Form in Hotel is Out Of Order. It’s what you put up when the space you want to use is closed off for renovations, repairs, or some other reason.

Rooms in need of significant maintenance may be declared OOO by hotel housekeeping. Housekeeping must get rooms ready for maintenance workers before they can do any fixing.

OOO notice on its doorknob is placed and advises the front desk that the room is now unavailable. Gather all toiletries used by visitors and put them in hotel’s floor pantry.

What else should you know about OOO?

All pillows and blankets are taken out of the room and placed in the laundry.

Sheets are big enough to hide the headboard as well as the mattress and bed.

The phones are unplugged, covered, labeled, and placed on a shelf in a closet.

Dust sheets are placed over the tops of the largest remaining pieces of furniture.

Housekeeping staff shut off all the water to the toilets, showers, and sinks except for one.

They keep the doors and windows closed. Once the hotel is done fixing the room, the staff can open the windows and let some fresh air in and after that the room can be opened for use.