FP Full Form in Hotel

What is the Full Form of FP in Hotel?

FP Full Form in Hotel is Function Plan. Its purpose is to collect data during the course of an event lasting a day or more. The banquet coordinator will have these ready to go for the upcoming week and will address them at the morning head of department meetings.

Updates to the Banquet event order include the following details: the booked room or location, the expected number of attendees, the table set-up specification, the menu for the function, the event course, the type of function, the required media including audio video equipment’s, additional requirements, and directions to each department.

What else should you know about FP?

For convenience, each function sheet is assigned a serial number; if the original is altered as a result of feedback from guests, new copies will be printed and distributed again.

Hotel banquet services use this to keep track of their customers’ preferences and preferences. The FP is signed off on by the client and includes information such as the location, seating arrangement, time of the event, the number of attendees expected, etc., which helps to avoid any confusion or questions. The hotel can better prepare for the future in terms of resources, food, layout, etc.

Other full forms of FP

  • Function prospectus