Top 10 Best Hotel Booking Sites In India

Are you looking for a fine vacation in a great hotel in India. You should know that the best hotel booking sites in India offer a variety of options for vacationers. You can organize your entire trip using these websites' greatest features. It’s true! Many hotel booking sites in India let you plan and book all your vacation needs. You can have all kinds of options right in front of your eyes. Cabs, airlines, trains, and sightseeing all are available there. You name it, they got it! So here are details about India's top 10 hotel booking sites you can really use.

1. MakeMyTrip



MakeMyTrip, India's largest travel company lists 450,000 hotels. They have almost 7 million customers and a simple smartphone app. Customer service is great and charges range from cheap to expensive. Call or email 24/7 for booking or flight assistance! A useful incentives program exists. Points for every dollar spent can get you free flights or accommodations.

Booking using a travel service like MakeMyTrip is more trustworthy than direct bookings, where you must pay the whole hotel rate upfront. Your booking is confirmed, and you can pay at checkout after your stay. Hotels and travel providers charge cancellation fees, which can make changing trip plans scary. MakeMyTrip won't make you bear that. Their low-cost zero cancellation option lets you travel on your own terms without fear.

2. Trivago



Trivago compare hotel prices and deals from various online booking sites as a met search engine.  In exchange for a click, numerous booking sites pay us to compare and display their deals. They are not a party to your booking agreement with the site or accommodation. They do not collect money for your stay and are not responsible for booking site or accommodation provider services. Trivago partners with online travel agencies, chains, and independent hotels worldwide.

Adjust your search with filters and offers with free cancellation or breakfast. Click the property's name for details, guest reviews from several booking sites, and more. Trivago's map lets you search for hotels near the airport.

3. Cleartrip



Mumbai-based Cleartrip is a global internet travel provider. The company's travel aggregator website books flights, trains, hotels, and activities throughout India and the Middle East. Travel should be fun, therefore a platform that simplifies bookings and gathers everything tourists need is helpful. Cleartrip does this with its one mobile-and-desktop software. Customers may easily design an itinerary, book flights, trains, and accommodations from the minute they decide to travel.

Cleartrip simplifies travel online. Book a flight, hotel, or train with a few smartphone or laptop buttons. This internet travel site offers cleartrip for work. Frequent business travelers have special privileges. Benefits include free flight changes, low cancellation fees, and free meals. Booking cash back is also available.

Cleartrip gift coupons and cards can save you a lot on vacations or weekend getaways to pan-Indian destinations or popular areas in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Gift coupons can save you money on accommodations, flights, and train tickets. Dinner at Jules Verne restaurant in Paris or the white sands of Phuket may be last-minute plans, but you may always decrease expenditures. Buy a cleartrip coupon today and redeem Zillion Coins instantly. Plus, you can instantly earn additional Coins.

4. GoIbibo


Goibibo makes booking hotels easy and cheap. Enter the city, check-in and check-out dates, and room requirements under hotel on Goibibo. Hotels from luxury to affordable will be shown. You can restrict your search by price, star rating, location, and other factors to find the best hotel.

Goibibo offers great hotel deals. Discount codes for various promotions are updated often. GoCash can also be used to book hotels on Goibibo at the lowest costs. The user-friendly Goibibo site and app includes a loyalty program that says 'The more goCash you earn, the more incentives you gain by reaching different levels.' It goes from Bronze to Titanium. The levels are Bronze-Silver-Gold-Platinum-Titanium. Each level includes features you may use to get the best hotel discounts.

5. Airbnb India

Airbnb India


Airbnb is a sharing economy community. The online portal lets property owners list their home as holiday accommodation and lets travelers locate a place to stay. Homeowners can offer their property on the website with a written description, images, features, and local information. Filters like bedrooms, location, and price can help travelers find the appropriate vacation rental. Trust underpins Airbnb. Asking guests and hosts to review each other builds trust. This rates all listings and usually provides a favorable experience.

Airbnb found Kerala in the top 20 global destinations for 2020, boosting India's popularity. Airbnb, founded in 2008, started in India in May 2016 with 54,000 listings in 110 cities. Three friends, Joe Gebbia, Brian Chesky, and Nathan Blecharczyk, founded the firm, which offers flats, villas, castles, tree houses, and bed-and-breakfasts. It began with the concept of turning their apartment into a space with air mattresses and breakfast for San Francisco design conference attendees. The platform offers regional food excursions, bicycle trips, pottery lessons, and museum tours in addition to housing.

6. OYO



OYO rooms, India’s largest budget hotel brand, are a popular booking option for tourists. OYO's flexible booking regulations that accommodate youthful visitors' unique preferences have made it popular. The hotel brand offers early check-ins, couple rooms, ID card flexibility, and more. OYO Rooms coupons give further hotel discounts. Students adore group trips. Touring with friends is unmatched in thrill. These trips don't always go as planned. The OYO Couple Check-in is a straightforward solution. Students must install the OYO app on their smartphones, claim to be single, and activate ‘Relationship Mode’.

‘Sunrise Check-in’ from OYO lets hotel guests check in at 6 am. Look for the sunrise emblem while booking accommodations to use OYO's functionality. No costs apply to early check-ins. OYO quick Wi-Fi works via the smartphone app. Students can also learn which Wi-Fi router provides the best connectivity in their dorms. With this student-friendly feature, OYO has struck gold. Captains at OYO hotels are personal assistants who can be reached at any moment. The OYO captain knows the local language and specialty of the town/city. All these benefits make OYO rooms the best hotel booking option for youths in the country.



Booking trips can be difficult with so many travel businesses competing. It can be hard to discern if your booking agency is trustworthy and provides a fair bargain. is user-friendly and affordable.'s main draw is penalty-free cancellation for most rooms. Most accommodations offer "free cancellation" and no hidden fees. This flexibility is useful for many things, notably last-minute bookings. Please note that cancellation procedures differ. Read everything before booking to ensure the cancellation policy you expect.

Travel apps are mediocre and feature-limited. has a unique app. All website features are available in the app, beautifully designed, easy to use, and constantly updated. You become a Genius by booking hotels. This club gives loyal customers discounts, complimentary airport transfers, welcome refreshments, and priority customer service. After your fifth booking, you immediately join the program for free. will match a lower rate for your booking. will price match hotel rooms, but you must produce proof and meet additional criteria. Reviews are crucial when booking a hotel because they give an unbiased account of the experience.'s active reviews system saves you from searching the Internet.

8. Agoda



Agoda offers affordable to five-star discounts at millions of hotels and private houses worldwide. Agoda's website and app offer cheap flights, rental cars, and hotel and resort packages. Their lodgings vary. At least 200 countries and territories offer tents, tree-houses, and tropical homes. Nearly 1.5 million private dwellings, city apartments, family homes, pool villas, etc. They constantly introduce new products, Agoda discount codes, and more to guarantee a fantastic trip pricing and flexible booking terms. Search travel discounts items and promos.

For over 16 years, Agoda has been trusted. It's one of India's top 10 hotel booking sites, utilized by millions annually.

9. Expedia India

Expedia India


Expedia India helps you book trips. It has many hotels, flights, and packages. The user-friendly design helps customers find what they need quickly. Travelers can use the website's mobile app to book hotels or read reviews before booking abroad. After 20 years in the travel sector, India's top travel portal attracts millions of customers each year. The specialists at their company are always developing new features and ensuring the greatest deals. They also offer 24/7 customer assistance for trip queries and concerns. India's top travel site is perfect for booking your next vacation.

10. Yatra



Hotel booking site Yatra was started in 2004. It is one of India's leading hotels booking websites with over 5 million hotels listed. Its mobile and desktop apps let consumers search for hotels by location, price, and facilities like pools and gyms. Yatra provides hotels at all price points, making it a solid affordable option. It also has a large hotel database that lets users search by location and facilities like pools and gyms. The ‘Yatra Club’ reward program lets users earn points when booking accommodations on the website or app. These points can be exchanged for free hotel stays or other benefits.


Want the best hotel deals for a trip without searching online? These top hotel booking services have all you need to get the best hotels. Use these powerful search engines to identify hotels that fit your cost, location, room type, and other requirements for your holiday or business travel. These hotel comparison services go above and beyond to find you the best value or interesting accommodation. These budget sites let you book hotels, guest houses, vacation rentals, boutique hotels, and more with confidence. Each site is different, yet all can search and sort discounts. Save this post to remember these hotels booking websites for deals.


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